How DMIT Can Help in Playing a Parenting Role in Planning a Career for Your Child

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The important key to your child’s success is the positive involvement of yours, as a parent.

To make sure that your child is set up for a future fruitful career, financial security and quality of life is a test for each parent.

Being a parent, you have to play a very crucial role in making decisions of choosing the career path that your children should pursue; but how can you show your involvement as a parent in making the decision process? Should you adopt a hands-on role? At this time what is the best advice you can give your child, where the world of education is facing a difficult time due to pandemics?

We DMIT provides career counselling for children, adults, and students. Taking the help of DMIT which is Dermatoglyphics Multi-Intelligence Test, you may get to know your child’s hidden abilities, choice and hobbies. Also, it may help you in many ways to get to know your kid completely.

Guardians have embraced beliefs about progress, the best approach to achieve success, and what comprises a ‘great job’ or ‘ideal life’. Many people make the blunder of attempting to protect a child from the mistakes that parents usually made, whether unknowingly or accidentally. While you can direct them away from some of the pitfalls they may encounter, they’ll definitely commit errors and hiccups along the way, yet these hiccups are essential for their self-growth. Parents also need to comprehend the reality to find what a child genuinely wants to pursue. The best thing you can give is a developed and reasonable outlook, giving your child the tool to shape their own informed decisions.

How you can direct your child:

  • Having a solid, mature parent-child relationship.
  • Each kid is extraordinary. Try not to underestimate your kid’s abilities by comparing them with other kids.
  • Each child has inborn multiple talents. Parents and Teachers should remember it.
  • Set a better example (socially, personally, and professionally) for your child.
  • The attitudes, perspectives, and values you adopt and express.
  • The expectations & assumptions you set for your children’s education, profession, and life.
  • Give importance to creativity and different exercises. This will assist them with improving memory and grasping power.
  • The opportunities you give for your children to learn and improve.
  • In terms of career choice, you should give freedom to your children.
  • Help, however not direct, the dynamic interaction.
  • Support your child’s choices/ decisions.
  • Give your youngsters freedom and time to find their abilities
  • Give the inspiration to create and accomplish.
  • Give encouragement to seek after interests and aspirations.
  • Attempt to give a capable disposition and a developing viewpoint.
  • Giving a demeanor of self-conviction by being positive and never basic as a parent, your words will have the greatest impact on your kid.

What should you keep in mind while helping your child with career planning?

Somehow, the parents try to pressurize this decision, most often the child may end up following a career that, deep down, they aren’t interested in. At the same time, without giving practical guidance and support when pursuing education, poor choices can be made. These are the things mostly you should make sure while planning a career.

It is proven in DMIT that each kid has an exceptional set of abilities and aptitudes. Every child is individual in their own specific manner, they may have various abilities and capacities. Considering this, embracing a comparable professional job to either parent may not be the correct strategy.

The last is self-motivation. It is important to construct inspiration as their energy character to kids at their correct stage. Attempt to get some information about what they need when they are getting grown-up or developed. This will stimulate them to be more perceived and have a high inspiration to consistently get up on their issues. They may have issues, however, they additionally realize how to tackle them. Those are the splitting tips for various insights.

Get in touch with our experts to give a perfect counselling to direct your child’s future. DMIT counselling is one of the leading career guidance you may find in Pune. To get in touch with us search for

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